Baby Spinach, 454gr

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Welcome to a fresh new world of possibilities! Your Fresh Market™ offers you a variety of delicious foods that are easy to prepare and even easier to enjoy. From deli meats and baked goods, to produce and home meal solutions, serving up fresh ideas and fantastic quality is our specialty.

Add some fresh greens to your recipes with Your Fresh Market™ Baby Spinach in a convenient larger size. These tender spinach leaves are known for their slightly sweet flavour that lends itself to a wide variety of dishes. Even better, they're all prewashed and then kept fresh in a resealable container made with 100% recycled material.

As convenient as they are versatile, these tasty little leaves add depth and flavour to salads and smoothies, omelettes and soups, or as a solo veggie sauté — it's easy being green!

اسفناج کوچک

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