Tostitos Salsa - Hot 418 ml

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Thick, chunky and loaded with tomatoes, jalapeños, onions and garlic, Tostitos Hot Salsa packs the perfect amount of spice that you’ll love. Delivering a bold, delicious taste with every bite, easy-to-serve salsa is the perfect choice when you're heading out to a party and need a treat to pair with chips! Whether you're watching the big game or celebrating important life events, there’s no better time to crack open a jar of Tostitos Hot Salsa! Stow an unopened jar in your pantry for an afternoon snack that’s sure to satisfy your taste buds!

It’s hard to imagine snack time without the iconic tastes of Tostitos tortilla chips! There are many delicious varieties of Tostitos tortilla chips to dip with, so there’s something for everyone and every occasion. The original taste of Tostitos tortilla chips is always enough to stand on its own, but you can also kick up the flavour with the taste of Tostitos Hot Salsa for your next get together.
MAKE IT A MOMENT- Few snacks and dips are guaranteed to please like Tostitos. We’ve been helping Canadians create delicious moments for decades, and the tasty possibilities are endless!

A SPICY HOT KICK IN EACH BITE- Packed with jalapeño!

LOADED WITH TOMATOES- Loaded with chunks of tomato!

PERFECT FOR PARTIES- A delicious option for spice lovers!

PANTRY-FRIENDLY- Unopened jars are easily stored in your pantry until your next BBQ or get together!

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