Royal Gourmet Clotted Cream 227 g

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Make tea time a little more interesting by adding our Breakfast Cream to waffles or muffins, or using it as frosting for small cakes. Dip some fruit slices into Breakfast Cream for a nice, healthy dessert after dinner. The cream works wonderfully with fruity tang. And of course, nothing beats pairing up Breakfast Cream with nice, hot pancakes and maple syrup in the mornings. Take the experience even further by combining the meal with (depending on the time of day) your favorite tea, Prosecco, or perhaps even some sparkling wine. In addition, our Breakfast Cream is made of quality, all-natural ingredients, and is 100% sugar and gluten free. Trust us, it’s possible to enjoy your food and make the healthy choice.

خامه صبحانه

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